175 Watt Power Strip Inverter


175 Watt Power Strip Inverter
175 Watt Power Strip Inverter

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Product Description

The powerful 175-Watt power strip inverter supports AC devices and delivers 175-Watts of continuous AC power. This mobile-friendly unit plugs into a 12-Volt port for easy portability. Convenient outlet options include three 3-prong AC outlets, dual ports - one 2.4 AMP USB port and one USB-C 3.0 AMP port. It also has one 12-Volt port for powering 12-Volt devices. Reliable safety features include overload shut-off triggers. Design-savvy styling of the inverter's housing includes an illuminating glow to reinforce that power is active. The durable ABS PVC composite housing is tough and rigid to protect electronic components from abrasion and damage.

  • 175-Watt continuous power: powers AC devices up to 175-Watt
  • Dual port - Standard USB 2.4 AMP and USB-C(TM) 3.0 AMP port:
  • Powers smartphones tablets and other devices
  • Triple 3-prong AC outlets:
  • Converts 12-Volt DC power from your vehicle's battery into 110-Volt AC power
  • Power strip design: attached to the 12-volt port with 24 cable
  • 12-Volt DC power socket: powers additional 12-Volt devices
  • High/low voltage overtempt and overload protection:
  • Protects inverter device and vehicle if power or heat exceeds standards
  • Power cable length: 24 dimensions: 9.53 in. x 2.56 in. x 1.85 in. weight: 13.92 oz.

• Weight (lbs) - 1.05